Friday, February 5, 2016

Organizing with JOY Letters

If you're like me, your craft room is always in need of a little organization. Joy embroidered letters are perfect for labeling your storage containers to help you organize and find your supplies when you need them.

I favor plastic bins on open shelving because I like to see what I have. When I'm looking across the room from my desk, I need the label on each bin to be readable, so I used 1-1/2" letters. These have a semi-permanent adhesive backing, so I just stuck them on my plastic bins - quick and easy!

But if you have a different type of storage, like canvas totes or plastic crates, Joy letters will work well for labeling those by ironing or gluing the letters on. Joy letters come in a variety of sizes for labeling smaller containers or drawers, and with lots of colors and fonts, it's easy to find something to suit your style.

Look for Joy at your favorite craft store!

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