Thursday, January 28, 2016

Love Canvas Art for Valentine's Day

creating with joy letters

In just a few weeks, it will be Valentine's Day. The holiday comes and goes so fast that I find myself in a rush to get everything done before February even gets here! Having just taken down the Christmas decorations, I had an empty spot on the mantle and decided to fill it with a collage of four 6" altered canvases to commemorate the month of LOVE.

To complete this project you will need the following:

Joy embroidered letters (I used 3" red)
Four 6" square block canvases
Black and white patterned cardstock (four 5-7/8" squares)
4" paper doilies
Die-cut cherubs and assorted paper embellishments
Silver filigree corners
Flat-back pearl circles and hearts (4 of each)
White tissue paper
Tacky glue
1" flat paintbrush, sponge applicator
Red chalk ink

1.  Lay out canvas squares; choose and arrange the papers and embellishments as desired.

2.  Working on one canvas at a time, cover the canvas surface with gesso and press white tissue paper into the gesso, leaving the surface a little bumpy. Trim off excess tissue paper.  Allow to dry.

3.  Ink the edges of each paper square. Glue a square to the first canvas and adhere the embellishments. Repeat for each canvas; rotating the patterned papers.

TIP:  Before you go out to purchase new supplies, check out what you have in your stash. I like the black and white contrast, and as long as you stick with those two colors, any papers and embellishments will look great together!

Below is another way to display your canvas collage. They can be stacked as shown or hung on the wall in this configuration.  Do what works best for your decor! 

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