Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blocks of JOY

christmas joy holiday decoration

Make these quick and easy Christmas blocks for the mantel - it's a great Christmas decoration that requires only a few supplies from the craft store.

I used the 3" collegiate size embroidered letters from JOY.  You can find a variety of these letters at your favorite craft store or on their website - go large or small!

joy embroidered iron-on letters
Supplies you will need:

Embroidered letters:  J, O, Y
Christmas-themed cardstock
Tacky glue
Clear glitter
Mini sisal Trees
Paper trimmer


1.  Cut the cardstock into 4" squares - 5 squares for each block

2.  Vary the colors and patterns as you glue the squares to each side of the block. Smooth out any air bubbles and let dry.

3.  Remove the release paper from each embroidered letter and adhere to each block.

4.  Smudge some glue around the white borders of each letter and sprinkle with glitter; shake off excess.

5.  Glue the sisal trees to the top of the center block.

Smoothfoam cubes and Joy embroidered letters come in different sizes.  A "PEACE" block set would be great using  2" or 3" blocks and smaller letters.

Happy Holidays!

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