Monday, November 16, 2015

A Basket of Bounty Created with JOY!

I love creating garlands and buntings. They are wonderful for any occasion and in this case, I used JOY letters to decorate a quick and easy garland to embellish my fall basket. I chose green because when November turns into December, I can create a new garland with a Christmas theme and re-use my basket.
For this project you will need the following supplies:

JOY Embroidered letters: 1" Black to spell B O U N T Y
Chipwood basket
Jute string
Corrugated 2.5" pennants
Cardstock:  Terracotta and kraft
Orange ink pad, sponge applicator
 1-1/2" circle punch
Dimensional glue dots

I had a helper while I was trying to set up my project shot.  I am thinking it is totally appropriate to have a black kitty to help with my fall decorating! This guy belongs to my daughter and little did she know when she named him Terror that it would be a self-fulfilling prophesy! As fast as I put him down, he would jump back up. I finally gave up and made him a part of my little photo shoot!


1.  Adhere one corrugated pennant to the orange cardstock. Cut out, leaving a 1/8" border. Repeat with the remaining pennants (6 total).

2.  Punch out 6 circles. Chalk the edges with the orange ink. Adhere a letter to each circle. Adhere the letters to the pennants spelling "BOUNTY" using the dimensional adhesive dots.

3.  Thread the jute string through the pennants. Weave one string from left to right through the hole in each pennant. Cut another length of jute string and weave from the right to the left. Tie a 4" piece of jute between each pennant. Unravel the tails and trim excess.

4.  Fill the basket with fall gourds, dried corn and other goodies. A small pumpkin would be perfect for the basket.

There is an epilogue to this story. I finished up the photos and was back in my studio. I heard some noises coming from the other room and walked in to find Terror sitting IN THE BASKET! I guess he thought he should have been the center of attention. Next time he just might end up wearing a costume. Cheers and Happy Fall!

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