Friday, October 2, 2015

Halloween Witch Decoration

Halloween witch peekaboo jar

Yes, it's Crafty Me...peeking out to remind everyone that it's fall and time to get your "spooky" on! Create this fun little Halloween witch decoration with a recycled can, Smoothfoam and a few other supplies.


JOY Iron-On Embroidered Letters:  Orange
Cardstock:  Halloween pattern, Orange, Black, White
Large peanut can (emptied and cleaned)
Smoothfoam:  one 12" x 2" block; a 1-1/2" ball (cut in half)
Die-cut machine, circle die and banner die
Acrylic paints:  Green, Black, White
Paintbrush:  1" flat
Black tulle
Heavy 3-ply jute string
Hot wire foam cutter or serrated bladed knife
Toothpicks, skewers (for handles)

Cut the 2 points off of one end of the Smoothfoam block, rounding the edges.

Set the foam block in the can and press the front edges of the foam into the edge of the can. See the indentation marks in the layout photo above.

Cover the can with Halloween patterned cardstock.

Cut a nose from the scrap of foam. Attach to the block with half of a toothpick and apply a dot of glue to secure. Paint the entire block and nose green. Paint the half-balls white for the eyes. Allow to dry.

For the witch hat, cut two 6" circles from orange cardstock. Shape one circle into a cone and adhere to the flat circle. You might have to cut tiny slits in the cone to get it to lay flat around the edges. Tie a tulle bow around the crown of the hat and glue to the witch head.

For her hair, cut about twenty 12" lengths of jute string. Tie in the middle and knot. Glue to the top of the head and trim as needed. Use the same technique to make bangs, cutting the jute lengths much shorter. Unravel the jute to make her hair look fuller.

Use toothpicks and glue to attach her eyes to her face, then use a heavy-duty craft glue to adhere her inside the can, toward one edge. Place where the indents on the foam appear. Paint a black dot to each eye.

Cut out the banners for the front of the can and glue in place. Glue the letters to the banner. Embellish the can further if desired.

Hope you enjoy this project and that it inspired you to get in the s Halloween spirit!


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