Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Personalized Tote for Scrapbooking Crops

Fall and back-to-school time usually means people are getting ready for football games and tailgating. Not me! I start thinking about all those fun scrapbook events I go to in the fall!

If you are a scrapper like me, chances are you have gone to a crop and there are several people with the same bag that you have. I have a really nice black canvas bag that I got several years ago at a scrapbook store. It's great for crops or shopping, but it looks just like everyone else's bag. Not anymore with the embroidered letters from JOY!

I love these letters because you can just peel off the backing, stick them in place then iron them on to stay permanently. The varsity-style lettering makes your project look sporty and you can use them to spell out words, initials, or your favorite team's name.

And now I can say that I went to my favorite school - SCRAP U! I'll bet no one else has a bag like mine at the next crop!

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