Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Personalize a pillow for the pup

personalize a pillow for your pet

My little Miss Muffet does enjoy a fluffy tuffet! You can easily personalize any pillow for your pet.

Whether you're stitching up a pillow cover from scratch or embellishing a readymade pillow, Joy letters are super quick and easy to work with.

I cut a square of fabric with a blue flower in the center and pressed it against a sheet of double-stick fabric tape, leaving the back paper liner in place. After fussy-cutting around each petal, I removed the liner, a few petals at a time, and pressed the flower into place on the front edge of the pillow. Then I added her name in small white embroidered letters with fabric glue.

Some fabric adhesives can go through the wash on the gentle cycle, but since this pillow will only be used for her occasional car rides, I think spot-cleaning as needed will be fine. She certainly looks like she owns it, doesn't she?

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