Saturday, June 27, 2015

Upcycle your jeans into a no-sew 4th of July party banner!

liberty burlap denim pennant banner

Fabric pennant banners are great holiday party decorations that you can use year after year - and they're quick and easy to make by upcycling an old pair of jeans!  The combination of red burlap with white Joy iron-on letters and blue denim makes a perfect banner for a 4th of July picnic or BBQ.  I chose the word "liberty" - you can personalize your Independence Day banner with your favorite patriotic message.


3" Joy iron-on embroidered letters - white
Pair of old denim jeans
Red burlap
Mini craft clothespins
White acrylic paint
Twine or cord
Ruler, scissors
Fabric glue

1.  After trimming away the seams of your old jeans, cut open the legs and trim out enough triangles from the denim as needed for your word - one for each letter. Cut smaller triangles from red burlap. You can create a triangle template first from a folded sheet of paper if needed.

2.  Iron-on a letter to each burlap pennant, then glue each burlap pennant to a denim pennant.

3.  Paint the clothespins white - clip them to the edge of a cardboard box first to make painting them easier.  You can also dry-brush a little white paint to the edges of the pennants if you like a more distressed look.

4.  Attach the pennants to a length of twine with the clothespins and hang - let the party begin!

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