Saturday, February 18, 2017

Monogrammed mini photo album

Joy embroidered letters are perfect for adding a personal touch to just about anything. I created a mini album using plastic pouches, memory papers, binder rings and ribbon! The embroidered monogram letters added a touch of class to my album. I liked the papers best in a landscape configuration.

However, portrait looks good too! It is up to you. Your photos and journaling will determine how you want to proceed.


JOY embroidered letters
Coordinated cardstock
plastic pouches - 6" x 7" 
Metal binder rings
Scissors, paper trimmer
Photos and ephemera


1.  Cut the papers to fit the plastic pouches. Decorate each side of the paper with journaling, ephemera and photos to your satisfaction.

2.  Insert the finished page into a pouch and repeat for each one.

3.  Prepare the pages for binding by punching a hole in the same place on each side of the middle hole. When pouches are all finished; line up the punched holes for binding and insert a binder ring in each one.

4.  Cut ribbon in 3" lengths and tie one pink ribbon around the binder ring. Repeat with the cream sheer ribbon. Rotate colors of ribbon and fill each ring with ribbons.

5.  Adhere the monogrammed letters to the front of the album using an all-purpose glue. Use a toothpick to apply adhesive to the wrong side of each letter and be careful not to get any glue on the plastic pouch!

There are a plethora of paper patterns and matching embellishments.  Have fun choosing patterns and colors to really make your mini album personal!

JOY Embroidered letters can be found at your local craft stores in a variety of sizes, colors, simple and decorative fonts.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Personalized Cosmetics Bag

personalized cosmetics bag

I was getting ready for my latest trip, when I noticed how dingy my cosmetics bag looked. My make-up bag needed a make-over!

I found I had this cute little pink ticking canvas bag that I could use. The bag was the perfect size, but kind of plain. It needed a little make-over, too.

I used iron-on letters from Joy and added lace and buttons for a little extra personality.

A cute and easy make-over done in minutes.

JOY Embroidered letters can be found at your local craft stores in a variety of sizes, colors, simple and decorative fonts.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Countertop storage cube for Keurig coffee

One place in my house that needs organization is my kitchen. I need for everything to have a place and to be easily accessible. That's especially true for my coffee area. When I go for my daily cup of java, I want to be able to get to it as quickly as possible (so that it can work it's magic even faster), so I decided to organize my Keurig cups with a cute 4-drawer cube and JOY embroidered letters!

These cubes are fantastic because they can be used to hold so many different things. In this case, the little drawers hold those individual K-cups perfectly!

I decorated the sides with kraft paper that I stamped with an adorable coffee cup and little coffee bean images.

Next, I stamped more coffee cups on kraft paper, but this time, I cut out each individual image and placed them on each little drawer.

For the top, I used patterned paper and attached two large canvas flowers, then finished them with another coffee cup as the center. For the finishing touch, I used JOY embroidered letters to spell out "coffee" (these letters are iron-on, but I attached them using adhesive).

Now my cups are organized, making my morning cup o' joe a little easier!

JOY Embroidered letters can be found at your local craft stores in a variety of sizes, colors, simple and decorative fonts.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Illuminated Letters

I know hand-lettering is all the rage right now, but I just can't add another thing to my crafty to-do list, so I often "cheat" and use Joy Letters in lieu of actually learning calligraphy.

Today I'm going to show you how to make these "illuminated" letters! Based on the Middle Age art of illuminated manuscripts, these letters can really jump start your creative practice and can be used in so many different projects, like art journal pages, as gift cards, place setting cards, or just frame them for a gift or home décor.

  • Watercolor paper, cut to 3"square (you can make yours any size)
  • Craft glue
  • Joy Embroidered Letters
  • Black pens or ink
  • Colored markers
  • Gold-leaf pens
  • Watercolors
  1. Apply a wash of watercolor to the paper. Allow to dry completely.
  2. Glue your letter to the center of the paper.
  3. With a thin black marker, doodle some designs around the letter - swirls, flowers, leaves or curlicues. Look at some examples of illuminated manuscripts and get inspired there.
  4. Once your design is drawn around the letter, add color with markers or more watercolor.
  5. Finally, use gold leaf pens to add the illumination to the piece.
I hope you enjoy this quick project. What sorts of projects would use your illuminated letters in? Leave a comment - I would love to know!

Thanks for stopping by today. If you would like to get more creative inspiration, please visit me on my blog.

JOY Embroidered letters can be found at your local craft stores in a variety of sizes, colors, simple and decorative fonts.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Baby Onesie Garland

We’re expecting another grandchild this spring, so I created this mini-garland to decorate the nursery. It’s a girl for us, but you can easily create a similar garland in blue for a boy with a little bow tie in ribbon instead of the tutu.

You’ll need:

- JOY embroidered letters

- Stiffened felt

- Tulle trim or lace in bright pink

- Tiny clothespins

- Baker’s twine

- Craft paint, paintbrush

- Tacky glue

- Scissors, needle and thread

To create a similar onesie pattern, fold a quarter of a sheet of paper in half lengthwise. Follow the picture to draw your pattern.


Cut out your pattern, trace four on the felt and cut out. You can also find onesie patterns online.

Glue or iron on the letters.

Cut a piece of trim to wrap around the onesie and tack together at the back with the needle and thread. Add glue at the back to hold if needed.

Paint the clothespins.

Clip the onesies to a length of baker’s twine with the clothespins.

JOY Embroidered letters can be found at your local craft stores in a variety of sizes, colors, simple and decorative fonts.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Vintage-Inspired Valentine Ornaments

I've always loved the look of vintage Valentines. These Valentines double as a love note and a pretty ornament - a twist on some old world charm.

Joy Embroidered Letters
Red heart paper doilies
Decorative transfer craft foils in red, green and gold
Chenille stems
Glue pen
Clear adhesive
Non-stick work surface

Coat the outside of the doily with the glue pen. You want it to be the type that dries clear and it will be tacky enough to grab the foil. 

Place the foil shiny side up onto the heart and firmly press into the tacky glue.

Peel up the foil. If it looks like the foil did not transfer completely, press and rub it with your finger into the empty spots until there are no more sticky areas. Repeat the process with the other foil colors to highlight the doily design as desired. Then glue your Joy embroidered letters in place for your love note. Insert and twist the chenille stem through a hole in the border to hang.

JOY Embroidered letters can be found at your local craft stores in a variety of sizes and colors, in simple and decorative fonts.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sweets for My Sweets

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.......



Nothing says "I Love You" like chocolate kisses and heart shaped chocolate candy.  Boxes of chocolates are a traditional favorite of sweethearts everywhere, but a personalized gift is always extra special and these are easy to create.  All you need is an inexpensive mason jar, scraps of ribbon and/or trim, baker's twine, crystal stickers, double stick tape, glue and Joy Embroidered letters.


Step 1. Depending on the "look" you want, wrap the mason jar with ribbon.


Step 2.  Adhere the letters with a small amount of glue.  I used the larger X and Os on top of the burlap and lace and spelled "WITH LOVE" on the white glitter ribbon with the smaller letters. I also added strips of pink crystal stickers along the top and bottom edges of the white ribbon.  

Step 3.  Decorate the lid by turning the center disc upside down then gluing it to the inside of the ring. The disc in the lid of the mason jar I used was a creamy color, so this color is now on top.  Wrap the outside of the lid with double stick tape, then wind the bakers twine around the edge.  The tape will hold the baker's twine in place.  Glue 4  U to the top of the lid then add crystal stickers around the edge of the disc to finish.  

Fill the jar with foil wrapped candy.  The multicolored wrapped candy kisses looked so pretty, I didn't think the jar needed a ribbon wrap.  This would make a quick'n EZ teacher gift......   Enjoy!

JOY Embroidered letters can be found at your local craft stores in a variety of sizes, colors, simple and decorative fonts.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Add style to your vanity storage

Office and craft caddies are wonderful for organizing all sorts of things at home. I am giving my vanity an update, so I chose several products that I love for this project! Burlap and cording give a timeless look, and they both come in a variety of patterns and colors for embellishing clear plastic storage containers. I've embellished two cubes (one with dividers and one with drawers) for cosmetics, plus a trio of cylindrical jars for cotton balls, cotton swabs and wedge sponges. 

You will need:

Joy embroidered letters
Deflecto 4-Drawer Cube
Deflecto X-Divider Cube
Cylindrical storage containers with lids
Cording in 1/8" and 1/4" widths (several yards of each) 
Decoupage medium  
Patterned burlap
Scissors, paintbrush, glue gun, tacky glue



1.  Measure for the width and length that you want to cut your fabric. The cubes are 6" x 6".  I measured and cut a 6" x 30" piece for the sides and the top. The back pieces were measured and cut in 6" squares with the patterns matching up before adhering to the storage containers.

2.  Find a string in the burlap and pull it to the length of the piece you will be cutting. Pull the string all the way out without breaking it. If the string breaks, cut up to the place the string broke off and continue pulling the same string.  This will give you the guide you need to cut the burlap straight and not get fraying.
3.  Below is a photo of the burlap being cut along the guide line.  This is a sure-fire way to cut your burlap and be happy with the results! 

Designer tip:  If you are cutting individual pieces for a placemat or the like, pull and remove the strings around each side to create a fringe.

4.  I applied decoupage medium to the surface of the storage bins and to the wrong side of the burlap. Make sure to cover your surface with wax paper or freezer paper before moving on with this step. Adhere the burlap to the top and sides of the containers. Then finish by adhering the squares to the back. I left the bottom without fabric.

5.  Glue the cording to the edges of the containers as shown.  

6.  Create the cording medallions by pinching one end of the cording together and gluing to a scrap of burlap. Continue by creating a spiral; gluing as you go; until you have the size that you desire for the drawer "handle" or the lid to the cylindrical container. Cut the medallion out; concealing the burlap edges. Glue to the storage containers as shown.

7.  Glue a Joy embroidered letter to the medallions. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Heart Trio Valentine Card

valentine card
I discovered some of the Joy letter/number sheets include little dashes, which are perfect for making faux stitches on a Valentine's Day card. I designed this cute card to fit inside a standard #10 business envelope.

Joy letters and numbers

I cut out three hearts from some lovey-dovey conversation cardstock and inked the edges with a red marker. Then I glued the stitches and other letters into place as shown. Using a toothpick helps apply glue to the tiniest of pieces. After adding a couple metallic accents, I attached the hearts to the folded card with dimensional adhesive foam squares.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Conversation Hearts Wallhanging

I might have a small obsession interest with candy conversation hearts. I loved to eat them as a kid and I love to think up ways to decorate with them now that I am all grown-up (well, mostly grown-up!). Combine several different words of love on these easy-to-make wood hearts and send the perfect message to that someone special! Here's how I made it:

1.  Gather your supplies - pastel paint colors, ribbon and wood heart plaques. I had all of these items on hand, so I could craft from my stash - but everything, including the Joy embroidered letters, is available from your local craft store.

2.  Paint each heart with 1-2 coats.

3.  Spell out your messages to fit on each heart.

4.  Iron the letters on to the hearts, according to the package directions.  I always use a small craft iron because it is easier to see that you have lined up the letters straight and it doesn't have steam holes (a flat solid surface gives a better adhesion).

5.  Glue each plaque to a 24" length of ribbon, leaving a 1" space at the bottom and between plaques. Fold over and glue the ribbon at the top to create a loop, then tie a bow with an additional 24" length.

For even more inspiration, check out the Creating with JOY Facebook page!