Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Step up like a Princess with Joy

When your little princess needs a boost, make her a small step stool and personalize it with Joy letters and embroidered, floral embellishments.

You will need:
  • Joy® iron-on letter sheet - dark pink; 1" 
  • Joy® embroidered iron-on floral appliqué  
  • wooden step stool - unfinished
  • chalk paints: pink, light gray, cream, varnish
  • acrylic paint:  medium dark pink
  • glitter paint:  light pink
  • sanding sponge
  • sealer
  • permanent marker: ultra fine point gray
  • glue
  • brushes:  2" flat brush; 1/2" angled brush; stencil brush; scrungy one for applying glitter paint.
  • scissors
  • stencil - foot design  
  • paper plates, paper towels, water container



  1. Sand the wood then wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  2. Apply cream colored base coat to the stool.  Let dry then paint the top of the stool pink and the sides gray.  Let dry.
  3. Use the angle brush to apply evenly spaced pink stripes to the cream painted area of the stool, below the top.  Let dry. 
  4. Attach the stencil to the top of the bench then paint each foot gray.  Apply a little pink around the outside edges to shade and cream on the inside edges of the feet to highlight.  
  5. Add details by drawing a line around the feet using the permanent marker.  Draw lines on either side of each stripe to give them further definition if desired.
  6. Apply pink glitter paint to the edges of the top of the stool and the inside edges of the feet.
  7. Apply one or two coats of sealer to the entire project.  Let dry thoroughly after each coat.
  8. Cut the butterfly from the flower appliqué then glue the flowers to the upper left corner of the stool.  Arrange then glue the letters to spell princess as shown below then add the butterfly.    Enjoy!

This step stool is worthy of a little princess who needs a boost. Of course it can be designed for a boy by changing the colors and using letters to spell name, PRINCE, etc. You can find a a wide variety of Joy® embroidered letters and appliqués, perfect for adding special touches to your projects.  Quick and easy!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Mixed Media Travel Canvas

Turn your travel ephemera into a gorgeous canvas!

You will need:

  • Joy Embroidered Letters - Metallic Gold or Silver
  • 8.5 x 11" canvas
  • texture paste
  • stencil 
  • palette tool
  • spray ink
  • clear liquid glue or glue gun
  • paper flowers, sea shells, art stones, and other embellishments
  • travel ephemera (ticket stubs, wristbands, etc.)
  1.  Apply texture paste through a stencil using a palette tool on small areas of the canvas
  2. Spray canvas with ink. 
  3. Apply travel ephemera and embellishments with either liquid glue or hot glue gun.
  4. Finish the canvas by applying the embroidered letters to the canvas with liquid glue or hot glue gun. The embroidered letters will give your canvas more dimension and texture than regular stickers!

    Joy® iron-on, embroidered letters are available individually and in sheets, in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors at your local craft stores.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Happiness Pillow

Joy® Iron-on embroidered letters in white are great for creating any color you can imagine!
You can use dye, markers and even acrylic paint!

To Make this Happiness Pillow you'll need:
  • Joy® Embroidered Iron-on Letters - Letter Shop White 
  • Acrylic Paint and Paintbrush

  • NEW Joy® Iron-on Embroidered Flower Appliqué 

  • Canvas Pillow Blank
  • Pillow Form or Polyfil
  • Iron


1. Paint each letter to create a rainbow of H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S.  Set aside and let dry.

2.  Insert cardboard into pillow blank then paint the pillow with white and light blue paint.  Let dry.

3. Set iron on cotton setting; approx. 350 degrees, or follow garment care label.
4. Position the letters, shiny side down on the pillow then, following package directions, cover with a pressing cloth and iron in place.
5. Turn pillow over and iron the back for another 30 seconds.
6. Iron the floral appliqué onto pillow in the same manner.
7. Allow to cool for about one minute before handling then insert either a pillow form or polyfil. 


Look for Joy® iron-on embroidered letters, numbers and floral appliqués at your favorite craft store. Letters are available individually and in sheets in different sizes, colors and fonts, suitable for every occasion.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Personalized Superhero Masks

Ready for some super hero fun? 
Let's make some super hero masks to bash those summer days away!

You will need:
  • Joy® Iron-on Embroidered Letters - bright & gold colors
  • Kunin® Felt
  • Iron
  • Mask template
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Glue

1. Trace out the shape of the mask on the felt and cut it out.
2.  Cut out the star shapes from the felt, making sure 2 of the shapes are large enough for the letters in fit.
3.  Select the letter you wish to be on the mask, the first letter of the child's first name is always a win, then iron on to the felt following the directions on the back of each package.
4.  Glue or sew the stars to the mask.
5.  Attach elastic to the mask to fit child's head.

Enjoy this short video on how to make these fun personalized masks!!

Look for Joy® iron-on embroidered letters and numbers at your favorite craft store. They're available in different sizes, colors, and fonts, suitable for every occasion.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Floral Door Sign

Moving into a new house is so exciting, especially when it's your daughter's first one.  
Personal touches are a must, so I created a floral door sign for my granddaughter's room using the new, floral embroidered iron-ons from Joy®. 

 Look how pretty they are! There are several new varieties in different colors and designs and they work well for both fabric and craft projects.

You will need:
Joy® Floral Embroidered Iron-on embellishments
Smoothfoam™ 5" letters
Pre-finished wood sign
Foam brush
Ribbons, flowers, chipboard
Glue Gun

1.  Paint the sign and the letters. Let dry then adhere the letters to the sign. 

2.  Add the iron-on embellishments with lo-temp glue.  Trim the iron-ons if needed for a better fit around the letters. Glue smaller elements from additional floral iron-ons to the letters.

3.  Add a bow and additional embellishments if desired.

Look for Joy® Iron-on embroidered letters, letter sheets, numbers and florals at your local craft stores.  Letters and numbers are available in a variety of sizes, fonts and colors.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Coffee Cozy

Create a custom coffee cozy with a fun saying as a gift or for yourself.

You will need:
  • Joy® Iron-on Embroidered Letter sheet - Baby Monogram Black
  • Cozy
  • Iron

Arrange the  Joy® iron-on embroidered letters on the cozy then iron in place following the instructions on the back of the package.  It's so easy!  

Joy® iron-on, embroidered letters and numbers are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and fonts at your local craft stores.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Flip Flop Freedom Sign


Well, almost, but this Flip Flop Freedom sign can be made in under 30 minutes, with Joy® embroidered iron-on Letters.  So, even if you've waited until the last minute, greeting your guests for the Fourth of July is handled!

You will need:

  • Joy® embroidered, iron-on 3" Varsity Letters - Red F & R; Blue E E D O M
  • Stars & Stripes adult flip flops - 3 pr red & white stripes; one pair blue & white stars
  • Silk Flowers - Daisies (6)
  • Butterfly - Blue 
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
  • Wooden Yard Stick
  • Saw and Miter Box
  • Wire Cutters
  • 36" Lace or Ribbon - White 

  • Instructions:

    1. Cut wooden yardstick down to 24" with a saw and miter box.  Place 2 blue "stars" flip flops and 5 red "stripes" flip flops across the yardstick, then hot glue each flip flop in place.

    2. Cut (or pull) 6 flower heads from the stems and hot glue one to the thong on 6 of the flip -flops.  Hot glue the butterfly to the 7th flip-flop thong.

    3. Peel the liner paper from the back of each embroidered letter.  Attach a red F and R to the blue flip flops and blue E E D O M to the red flip flops.  The varsity style letters are self-adhesive, so you can simply peel and stick! No need to iron onto this surface.

    4. Turn sign over on the work surface and then attach the lace hanger to the second and sixth flip flop button with a simple knot as shown below.

    Hang on your door, porch, patio, gate,or garden fence and ENJOY! I love how this looks like a flag with the stars and stripes! This project is so easy, the kiddos can help you too!

    Joy® iron-on, embroidered letters and numbers are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and fonts at your local craft stores.

    Wednesday, June 27, 2018

    Sparkle Napkins

    Take your July 4th BBQ up a notch with these cute napkins!

    You will need:

    • Joy® Iron-On Baby Monogram Letters and Numbers in blue
    • Cloth Napkins.  Make your own by hemming a 12" x 12" piece of fabric or use cloth napkins.
    • Ribbon
    • Mini-flag


    1. Iron the napkin to smooth out any creases and/or wrinkles.
    2. Remove the letters from the sheet then arrange along one edge of the napkin to spell out the word  SPARKLE.

    3. Following the manufacturer's instructions on the back of the package, iron over the letters using a pressing cloth and a hot, dry, iron. Turn the napkin over then press again over the back of the letters. Allow napkin to cool completely.

    4.  Tie a ribbon around the napkin n lieu of a napkin ring, then slip a small flag through the ribbon. Lay one napkin at each place setting.  Sparkle on!
    You can find a wide selection of Joy® Letters at your local craft store.

    Sunday, June 24, 2018

    4th of July Star Banner

    Show off your love of the 4th of July holiday with a patriotic banner to decorate your front door!  These large, iron-on letters are perfect for this project - and they come in the best colors!

    You will need:
    Joy® Iron-on letters - U S A

    Felt - red, white, blue
    Decorative ribbon
    Glue gun
    Small paper flowers
    Needle and thread/embroidery floss - red & white
    Steel rule die or star pattern

    1. Cut two stars from each color of felt.  Sew two together, stitching around the edges with a contrasting color of thread using blanket stitch.  Make 3 stars.


    2. Following the directions on the package, iron a letter on to the front of each star then add a bow and decorative ribbon tails at the bottom of each star as shown.

    3.  Cut a length of burlap or other coordinating ribbon long enough to place the stars, evenly spaced on the front then glue in place. Add a bow and small paper flower at the top.

    Joy® iron-on, embroidered letters are available individually and in sheets, in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors at your local craft stores.

    Thursday, June 21, 2018

    Patriotic Pillow

    Make this quick and easy burlap pillow to add to your summer celebrations!

    You will need:

    Joy® iron-on letters and stars - 3" blue and white
    Red burlap - Two, 14" squares
    Dark blue or white embroidery thread
    A blunt tapestry needle and scissors
    12" pillow form


    1.  Arrange the letters and stars on one of the burlap square.

    2.  Remove the backing paper from each letter and star then press in place.  If you feel the pillow will be used a lot, cover with a pressing cloth and iron in place.

    3.  Pin the squares together with the front facing out then sew 3 sides together, about 1" from the edge using a simple running stitch and embroidery thread.  Insert the pillow form then sew this side together.  

    4.  Fringe the edges of the pillow edges by pulling away the threads from the edge up to the line of running stitches.

    5.  Make more - they're so easy!  This is a great group project for kids or seniors.

    Look for Joy® iron-on embroidered letters and letter sheets at your favorite craft stores.